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I no longer offer in home puppy visits. I understand that many people would love to play with the puppies, but this isn't a reasonable request due to viruses that are dangerous to the litter. The safety of my dogs and puppies is my highest priority and young puppies do not have the immune system to handle illnesses like Parvovirus. People can inadvertently carry diseases in on their shoes, hands, and clothing. Puppies will receive their first set of vaccines at 6 weeks of age. We also run the risk of stressing mamas out by allowing visitors while puppies are still nursing or in the weaning process. Activity and strangers in the house are a significant source of stress and may cause mothers to quit nursing or step on their young puppies.


-I am more than willing to schedule a Facetime call so that you can "meet" your little one prior to pick up.


-Puppies are most interactive after they turn 6 weeks old, so buyers get the most out of their visits at this age. I will share as many videos and photos on the blog as possible while raising a litter.

-Appointments must also be set to pick up/deliver your puppy. Please email to reserve your spot.


-Appointments will be limited to 30 minutes to allow for all deposit holders to Facetime with their puppy on a scheduled day. 

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