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About Us

I take pride in producing top quality Miniature Australian Shepherds. It is my mission to provide you and your family with a puppy that displays the temperament, working ability, and structure of the Australian Shepherd. Miniature Australian Shepherds display all of the same traits as a full size Aussie, so please do your research before adding a Mini Aussie to your home. 

I am a "lifetime breeder," meaning I don't just disappear after a sale. I am always here to answer questions for potential and current puppy owners. 

If you have any questions about me or my dogs, please don't hesitate to ask. 

Now accepting deposits for the Mesa x Aspen litter. Puppies will be individually priced at 4-5 weeks old based on markings, estimated adult size, and pedigree. Prices range from $1,750-$2,500+. Puppies will be sold on a first come first serve basis, deposits to hold a puppy are $500. 


1. Rafter 22 Aussies: 

2. Lou W. Reserved: Chili

3. Chahala Reserved: Basil

4. Katelyn P. Reserved: Thyme

5. Tracy M. Reserved: Cayenne

6. Becca P. Reserved: Saffron

7. Blake W. Reserved: Sage

8. Erika W. Reserved: Oregano






Page updated: 5/27/23

Older Dog Adoption:

Mesa - Aileen W. 

Our Story

I started breeding Miniature Australian Shepherds in 2016. I can honestly say this is the most challenging and rewarding job I will ever have. My dogs are my life; my world revolves around them. I picked my first Aussie/Border Collie, Trisha, when I was just 2 years old. I chose her out of a group of puppies because her hair color matched mine. Trisha was my best friend, confidant, and loyal companion for 15 years. My love for the temperament and looks of Australian Shepherds has continued to grow from that point forward. These dogs never cease to amaze me!


Meet The Crew

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